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Kid Gohan

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EVA's Collection

"Unleash Your Inner Pilot"
Channel your inner pilot spirit with our Evangelion-inspired hoodies. Whether you resonate with Shinji's complexity or Asuka's fierce determination, our designs pay homage to the iconic characters, allowing you to step into the shoes of an Evangelion pilot in style.


EVA 01

"I'm not a hero because I want to be. I just do it because I have to...
Why do I exist? What am I here for?"
-Shinji Ikari

EVA's collection

"The Evangelion units are composed of the strongest alloy ever known to man, the Evangelion's armor cannot be penetrated by any known substance."

-Ritsuko Akagi.


“The things I possess are a life and soul. I am a vessel for a soul.”

-Rei Ayanami